Shumann the Shoeman

This year saw Shumann the Shoeman by John and Stella Danalis as our book in focus for Book Week 2010.

Today was a fun day with both the ‘live show’ of Shumann and celebrations in the form of “Crazy Shoe Day” (a kind of mufti for your feet day).  A ‘grand’ shoe parade started the day off and was lots of fun.

Mac and I were torn as to what he should do… crazy shoes potentially interfere with his communication (being a foot switcher) and short of buying something – he really didn’t own anything super ‘crazy’ that happened to be the right size.

So we decided to go with “Crazy Shoe Wheels”

Mac was happy, the kids were impressed.  His wheels were reminiscent of a caterpillar wearing shoes (with eight pairs on there he wasn’t too far off the mark).

I still haven’t managed to read Shumann the Shoeman so can’t offer you a review.

Who knows, Mac might decide to borrow it from the library one week so we can both share in the story.


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4 responses to “Shumann the Shoeman

  1. Looks awesome! great job!

  2. Liz

    Always the great ideas!

    BTW, John and Stella Danalis live literally around the corner from us – their kids go to our kids’ school. Lovely folk, very involved and of course no great surprises that one of their girls won an art prize at the school fete! Our Princess won the poetry prize for Grade 1 too (um, she *may* have been the only entrant) : )

  3. Gina

    Liz, great news about the Poetry Comp – history will always show her the winner, it wont show how many competitors LOL.
    Thanks Alison and Bron – it was fun to decorate, thank god for ‘cable ties’.

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