my pet’s adventure

Mac’s class had a ‘writing assessment task’ on Friday.

The four key components of the task…
Series of Events

Mac used Morse Code and Yes/No switches with R (his Aide).

He didn’t have enough time to complete the task but he may finish it off in the future.

I hope so, I am dying to find out how it ends…


My dog’s name is Tirina.  She is a medium sized dog.  Tirina is black, brown and white and she is desexed.  Tirina is a good dog and likes playing.

Tirina got stolen by robbers.

Mac let R know the dog was ‘imaginary’ and he doesn’t actually own a dog.

It is nice to see him “making things up” as he has trouble with that creative writing aspect.  We have been talking to him about how it is OK to write silly stories, crazy plots etc.  Maybe, just maybe, he has been listening.

So I guess he managed to cover off Orientation and Complication portions of the task…

Stay tuned for the next installment of “My Pet’s Adventure”.


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2 responses to “my pet’s adventure

  1. Susan, Mum to Molly

    Wow, what a cliff-hanger…

    I’ll be waiting with bated breath Mac!

    You’re awesome.

    As so’s your mum.

    Hope you all enjoy the upcoming school break.

  2. I want to know what happens next to Tirinia.

    Great orientation!

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