the big award, the bigger surprise

Presentation Night was here.

Leading up to the end of term I had considered Mac might, in light of his performances this year, garner an award.

However, as the night drew nearer there were no questions raised as to how Mac might make it up on stage, where he would sit etc – so I pretty much ruled it out.

Over dinner, before presentation night, we discussed with Mac the likelihood he wouldn’t be getting an award.  We explained how so few awards are actually given out it means the majority of students don’t get them and how, some people never, ever receive an award despite working hard their whole life.

On arrival at our local ‘Entertainment Centre’ (our venue for the evening) we were greeted by Mac’s teacher, Mrs R, who pointed me in the direction of the rest of the class.

Unaware of what was happening behind me Mac and I trundled off to get him seated.

Meanwhile, Mrs R had pulled Shawn aside and said

“right, Mac is getting an award – can you check the best access route onto the stage for me… oh, and don’t tell Gina as it is a surprise”.

Needless to say I was enormously proud of our little boy for receiving his first ever ‘big’ award for “Maths and Communication” – proud that he truly earned this award and proud, once again, that his teacher took the extra effort to explain to the entire audience how Mac does his work to ensure this was not seen as a ‘sympathy’ award.



I was also absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to get the same “surprise” other parents get to enjoy.

I have (occasionally) reflected privately on the fact that as Mac’s mum I don’t really get to experience surprises with the ‘little things’ like other parents do.  There always seems to be planning and involvement in most areas in order to simply make things appear to happen spontaneously.

To have Mac’s teacher go to the effort of ensuring this was a surprise was almost overwhelming – I felt, and still feel, so very privileged at the amazing gift she gave me.

I know as parents of children with disabilities we often talk about the concept of “getting it”.

Mrs R absolutely “gets it”.

We have had a great 12 months – it certainly feels like this was “our year”.


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6 responses to “the big award, the bigger surprise

  1. Well done on the award Mac and I agree that it was a beautiful touch for the teacher to make it a surprise for you too :-).

    I also loved that she took the time to explain how Mac does his work. She sounds like a real gem. I hope we’re lucky enough to have a teacher who ‘gets it’ next year too.

    AND I hope that 2011 is an even better year for Super Mac – he’s such an old hand at this school gig now, has he got any advice for kids starting off next year? And have you got any words of wisdom for the mums? (please! ;-)).

    Merry Christmas to you all. It’s been wonderful following Mac’s first year of school. A real inspiration. Have a great Summer hols!

  2. Jenny

    Fantastic work Macco, well deserved award for all your hard work.
    Great story, don’t you just love surprises. Well done Mrs R.

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  4. Great job Mac – and what an awesome teacher to give you such a surprise!!

  5. Mac, We are all so proud of you getting your award this year after working so hard on your maths and communication.
    Gina, I am thrilled for you that people are getting it and that you had that opportunity to be suprised and a regular mum!
    This post made me tear up at the kind thoughts of the teacher and imagining how that made you feel xx much love to you and Mac and Shawn for happy holidays and a bright 2011. x

  6. So very very cool! I’ve been hoping you were enjoying life and Mac and Christmas preparations and not holed up with the flu or something – missed you! I’ve had a spectacular year myself and I am looking forward to being well enough to spend this evening with my family for Christmas for the first time in 8 or 9 years (I lost count!).

    Congrats to Mac on being super cool and smart and YAY for wonderful teachers. Here’s to 2011 being wonderful for us all 🙂

    – Ricky

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