end of year report…



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3 responses to “end of year report…

  1. “I look forward to challenging Mac with new technology”.

    If this means what I think it means, then is he going to have Ms R next year in the 2011 school year.

    And it’s great to have the Jungle songs go around in your head. Tarzan is a big adventure.

    And it’s great to read the comment about “a number of KLAs”.

    Yes, Mac is a star mathematical thinker.

    Great to hear about the Core Values. And that Mac is a “happy and welcoming boy with a lovely smile” which we saw on the Award Night and every day!

  2. Gina & Mac

    Adelaide, you are right in noticing the shift in wording from “meeting IEP objectives” to actually “meeting KLAs”. That was one of the things that made me very proud of him from a school report perspective. And yes, we have been offered the chance to back up for a second year with Mrs R… Which we accepted with much enthusiasm and gratitude. 2011 will hopefully be a great year for consolidation, experimentation and growth in an environment where he has a teacher who he trusts and knows “has his back”.

  3. If/when IEP goals and KLAs combine, it is a fertile educational practice.

    They work on and reinforce each other.

    So happy about Mrs R!

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