the fiance

So they are not officially engaged to be married – but there was a declaration some years ago by Miss B of her intention to marry Mac.  Friends since pre-school they still have a bond that remains as strong as ever.

Miss B’s Christmas gift to Mac was this book – we love it.


AUTHOR:  Tango Books
ILLUSTRATOR:   Mark Chambers


A boy in a wheelchair and his best friend pretend they’re pirates on a ship, mountain climbers, astronauts, explorers and Olympic sprinters.  But even when they’re not playing make-believe, they have a great time together doing everyday things – swimming and basketball – because they’re best friends.


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5 responses to “the fiance

  1. Best Friends looks like a wonderful book, especially from the cover and the description.

    Ah, best friendships! Especially with people like Miss B!

    And I see the book won a big prize: the NASEN award (National Academy of Special Educational Needs). I had a look at the Children’s Book Council website early yesterday through all the awards.

    Tell me: what did Mac give back to Miss B?

  2. Di

    Watching these two before “big school” and reading this now, I’m not surprised, Mac is widely loved, and Miss B is caring and genuine. What a wonderful friendship!

  3. Gina & Mac

    Mac gave a home made Christmas baubel and was in charge of telling when it had enough “diamonds” & decorations around Miss B’s name. He was very excited to give it to her

  4. It would really have sparkled in her eyes and on her tree!

  5. What a fab gift!! I’ll look out for it! Thanks for sharing.

    And tell Mac not to commit himself too early. I am sure there will be many more suitors down the track ;-).

    (Happy New Year to you all) xo

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