words matter

a word from Mac’s dad…



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3 responses to “words matter

  1. Fantastic piece and very important topic. So glad you shared it. Thanks to you AND to Mac’s dad for his wise words.

  2. Gina,

    If it’s okay, i’m going to link you cause this is so important. I think it brings up just as many questions as it answers. I am absolutely amazed as to how the current status of disability services (and also the aged care fiasco) does not rate more of a mention in the media. I have spoken to many friends in the media who simply are not interested in disability services as a “story”. They always want to take Moo’s photo (not a chance) but don’t want to express how life is made more difficult for him by inaccessibility or lack of funding. They don’t want to know how things could be made better because that doesn’t sell newspapers.

    This has left me wondering if the media still has the same pull that it used to. Or has “society” just become complacent?

    Thank you for the link,

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