look how far we’ve come

I was in class helping set up Mac’s equipment for his aide when class started.

The topic the students were about to begin was plurals.  The conversation went something like this…

MRS R: OK, who can remember what a plural is

MAC: “glar” (with a kick of the legs and a look of purpose)

STUDENT “O”: Mac’s trying to say something

MRS R: Mac, do you know what a plural is.

Since Mac didn’t have his foot switches unpacked at that moment he provided his old faithful “lip smack” YES response to assure her he did.

MRS R: OK, Mac knows, does anyone else

A few hands went up and offerings of definitions of all manner of items in grammar the closest being ‘two things the same’ (close but not quite).

No one really gave the desired answer.  Mrs R was checking with Mac whether he thought any of those answers were right… he didn’t.

So she offered him some more choices.

MRS R: Is it the name of a specific person, thing, or place?

MAC: (without any delay) NO

MRS R: Is it when two words are joined to form a new word?

MAC: (again, a speedy response) NO

MRS R: What about something that means more than one  eg a person, thing or instance?

Mac stopped his wriggling and turned his head to one side but didn’t answer straight away.

STUDENT “O”: I think he’s thinking

MRS R: Have you got an answer for me Mac, does it mean “more than one?”

MAC: (after a second or so)… “YES”

What I found most interesting in this clasroom exchange is the comments of Student “O”.

Firstly he accepted Mac’s ‘noise’ in the first instance was not just a noise but in fact was Mac trying to “say something”.

Secondly, when Mac didn’t give an instant response he commented that Mac must be thinking.

“I think he’s thinking”

… it made me realise just how far we’ve come since May last year when I blogged about our “Weekend at Bernie’s moment”… we are a long way from “he looks dead”.  😉



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3 responses to “look how far we’ve come

  1. bluffska

    hehe, that is alot of progress! Thanks for my morning laugh!

  2. Gina that is so awesome! Now that’s inclusion. When your class mates take it upon themselves, no prompting from the teacher. Totally warms my heart. Oh and I must have missed your post, “Weekend at Bernies” ….My heart leapt into my throat….but then I saw your response. I love the way you look at life!

  3. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    Melissa. I know a few people get a bit ‘yikes’ about the whole ‘weekend at Bernie’s’ thing but honestly, you have to laugh. Mac’s teacher and I still laugh about it often but more in the context of why a child would even think it would be appropriate to wheel around a dead person… that had us more flummoxed. It is nice when you find out you share the same weird sense of humor at your child’s teacher.
    Chris, knew that would appeal to your sense of humor…

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