Would you, could you, lend a hand?

I am not one to ask for help very often – learning how has been on my to-do list for sometime.

But, this is one thing I don’t want to ‘hog’ – this is something I am sure some of you might want to share in, help be part of the solution, part of the excitement, part of the fun.

Long time readers know of my plans, desires, dreams for a SMART wheelchair (robotic) that is affordable, light weight and, well, smart.

You can read about it here in my “I have a dream…” post.

They will also remember that the brilliant mind of Daniele Benedettelli is on the job, over in Italy.

Danny is starting to ‘ramp’ things up a little and so has put the call out for some donations to kick start the project.

The initial equipment purchase is USD$400 and Paypal donation option is available on the project site.


If anyone can spare a penny, a pound, a dime or a dollar it would be fantastic to get this project “rolling” (I could have said “off the ground” but  since no one is offering me a ‘hovercraft wheelchair’… rolling it is).

If anyone has any contacts or ideas for getting some ‘bigger’ sponsorship behind this project then please, feel free to contact Danny via his site or myself directly.





While we know Mac would benefit from this type of chair it is pretty obvious he isn’t the only one.  In fact, a good friend who is a wonderful teacher in our local area said she would love something like this. She doesn’t have a physical disability but she is blind, and there are times she would like to be able to get from A to B on her own, while having a conversation (or daydream) and not having to put all her attention into concentrating on safe passage with her cane.

Thanks for listening


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5 responses to “Would you, could you, lend a hand?

  1. Um, it already exists… here.

  2. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    Thanks Rebecca. We know there are chairs out there however most are completely out of reach of most individuals financially and aren’t really all that smart. Our price point we are trying to meet is under $2K. The chair you linked to when we enquired some years ago was going to cost us well over E25K – and was not light weight so that it wouldn’t be suitable in amongst young children.

  3. Merridy Smits

    This looks fantastic. I watched the youtube clip of the guy who is looking to build the prototype. I just want to know how you find these people?? You are amazing!!!

  4. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    Merridy, the word ‘stalking’ comes to mind LOL. Seriously when I was trying to understand whether LEGO robotics had the potential I just watched and watched heaps of videos on youtube until I saw what I liked and wrote to them – in this instance it was Danny. I decided some years back that if I needed info I was better just going direct to the “source”.
    Cheers, Gina

  5. Merridy smits

    Too funny!! U are right though…head to the source. You must spend hours on the computer…you always manage to find such cool products etc. I do love reading your blog.
    Cheers merridy

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