It was an interaction full of sincerity.  Mac’s newest aide “M” was on her first full day working with him.  She had been learning about his equipment, how he uses his foot switches and trying to find out more about him, from him.

M was explaining to Mac how he might have to “bear with her while she learns all about the equipment and promised she would work hard to master it quickly”.

“M” then asked him  “what she might be able to do that would help him the most?”

Mac started his auditory scan.

C – H – O – C … then up to word prediction:

C H O C O L  A T E

Yep, all “M’s” sincerity wasted – this kid is in it for himself, cheeky little bee-bop.

Although, I have to admit to been secretly impressed by his answer – to me it says so many things…

I am can spell…
I am a smart alec…
I have a sense of humour…
I am cheeky…
and, well,
I actually do like chocolate.




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6 responses to “chocoholic

  1. 🙂 Awesome response 🙂

  2. Claire

    Reminds me of a young man I know. He has great difficulty holding small objects, but he can definitely sneak M&Ms in cookery class!

  3. Yes, chocolate will be very helpful for them both, and for the relationship!

    (I know, thinking about Valentine’s and everything…)

    (And one could well sell chocolates to raise money for equipment and such…)

  4. Liz (Poppy's Mum)

    Fantastic! Mac’s got things sussed pretty well then? : )

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