I know we’ve mentioned Mac’s friend ‘Miss B’ a number of times before and so here’s a pic of the pair of them doing what they do best… just hanging together and being very, very cool.

I am unaware if there was prior collusion between the pair to ensure they both ended up at the swimming carnival in their aviator glasses.  Since B only got hers the day before for her birthday and Mac is reliant on his ‘oft’ absent minded mother to remember to pack that sort of thing I think it was more good luck than ‘good collusion’.

In a nice turn of events they have both ended up in “blue house” for their sporting events – Go the Blues…

Mac took his bath/shower chair which looks more like a banana lounge than a piece of disability equipment to the event – it was a good option to allow him to ‘kick back and relax’ between free swims (and it’s blue).


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One response to “BFFs

  1. What a wonderful banana lounge!

    And great luck with the avitator glasses.

    Happy summery birthday, B!

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