boring? really? or is that really boring?

I don’t think I need a crystal ball to predict trouble in Mac’s future.

I know there has always been potential given the ‘genetic’ predisposition (paternal of course 😉 ).

And I know that to enable a 7yo the power of communication when he lives a life exposed to way too much information & adult conversations and concepts can always be fraught with danger.

But, still… gotta laugh (a bit).  This child is a nightmare – a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will.

He had a fill-in/casual teacher yesterday and he was working with “M” his aide.

“M” asked him later in the day if he wanted to “tell or ask her something?”  YES he answered.

He started typing…

S h e     r e a l l y     i s . . .

And then he got distracted, or perhaps exercised some judgement (I can live in hope).

Anyway, when he got home I asked if he wanted to keep typing his message/comment/questions for “M”.  He did.

Yep, you guessed it…  B-O-R-I-N-G

Now to be fair to the teacher, and on further enquiry with Mac, I am fairly confident she never stood a chance – not when she is competing with his “beloved Mrs R” (the sole recipient of a Valentine’s card from Mac this year).

I am not sure whether his failure to ‘complete’ at school was an awareness that this probably isn’t something you want your communication device ‘blurting out’.  It has reminded me how important it is for AAC devices to have a “whisper” or “secret message option” – I’ll add it to the wish list for our perfect device – would love to hear if you know of any that do this.

Slightly unrelated but prompted by this exchange I am intrigued by his inclusion of “really” in so many of his sentences.

“She really is boring”

“I really just want to drive quickly at home” (when discussing powerchair options)

“I really like going out with friends and going to the beech” [sic] (journal writing)

I like that he seems to have a ‘style’ with his commenting & communication – albeit slightly emotive.

He does, however remain a ‘word prediction fool’ offering up that “he emphatically disagreed” when he and I were ‘talking’ on Friday evening –
“oh phrase prediction, how I love thee… sometimes”



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4 responses to “boring? really? or is that really boring?

  1. My Dynavox Vmax has whisper on it which I use for private stuff with Nate that I don’t want others hearing about, but Dynavox devices are expensive.

  2. Gina @

    Thanks Titan. I will have to look into it and see what it can get it to do. Even just being able to check what you have written before you say it (almost privately) would be good. Hard for an auditory scanner to work through what the best ‘button’ options are – trial and error is the only way it seems. Thanks again.

  3. Claire

    Good Luck finding a volume control. Does Mac have access to sound effects too? Fart noises etc are essential for all small children! I thought you might like to watch this advert together, it is for a UK charity Whizz Kidz and shows cheeky children being able to show their personalities with the help of good equipment.

  4. Hi.

    There are so many “privacy” devices or there could be a plug-in or add-on.

    It’s hard to be private in Morse Code, I do agree and acknowledge.

    And the “really” style does come across. It’s a great emphasiser/intensifier.

    “Empthatically disagree”!

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