my kid is a “cheater”

It is that time of year again.  Cross Country events are upon us.

As you know Mac has taken part for the last two years “running” in his ‘chariot’ jogger with an ‘able assistant’.

2009 X-Country
2010 X-Country

This year Mac and his aide ‘Ms M’ were teamed up for the  8 years Boys event.

The races are getting longer each year and this year took place at the Cross Country course proper (not the park near school).   The Cross Country course is next door to our property on my Uncle’s property so Mac was definitely in his ‘natural habitat’.

Shawn was in charge of drop off & collection for the day.  So, when Mac got home I asked how he went.

Shawn explained that, apparently, Mac came in first place…

“but there may have been a disqualification on the basis there was suggestion of a ‘short cut’.”

I asked Mac…  “did you do something sneaky?”

Gosh, whoever said “boys can’t lie to save themselves” was right (hey, maybe that was me that said that, it sounds very familiar).

Mac’s face was the sneakiest, cheekiest look you have ever seen.  He dips his head and tilts it to the side, his eyes shoot to the right with a slight squint, the arms come up and cross in front of his lap and his mouth is just the epitome of the ‘sly grin’.

Clearly – there had been some skullduggery afoot.

The next day Ms M was telling me how she and Mac had started out strong then found a cutting in the track suitable for ‘taking a break’.  She said they were killing themselves laughing at just how funny they were hiding from everyone and out of sight of the spectators.  They had found themselves particularly entertaining when they joined the front-runners as they came back around.  Ms M does a very good job of ‘winding Mac up’ into hysterics and I think he really enjoyed the sneakiness of their approach.

Thankfully we have a school of good sports no one seems to have cared that Mac cheated.

Mac has agreed that:

  • “YES”, he thought it was very funny to take a short cut, and
  • conceded that “YES”, it is OK he was disqualified under the circumstances, and
  • “NO” he doesn’t care he won’t compete at the next level.

I think it’s great for him and the other kids to see the fun side of these events.  It helps the other kids learn that it’s ok to be light-hearted and, let’s face it, when there is no way Mac is ever going to truly compete against them on level playing field – it’s ok for everyone to have a laugh along the way.

It all goes a long way in helping them to learn they don’t have to be ‘precious’ about disability – Mac’s not.


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4 responses to “my kid is a “cheater”

  1. Sooze

    This makes me cry. Happy tears. I can see Mac’s sly grin in my mind
    Thank you for sharing in your lovely writing style. x

  2. Such a great story.

    And it was on Mac’s natural habitat too.

  3. Love it – that’s exactly the way I’d run a cross country too!

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