a mysterious excursion

Mac had a school excursion.  It was to the local animal park on one of our coldest days this year.  For some perspective… our animal park is not a big, fancy ‘zoo’.  It is a small wildlife park in a regional town – there’s some interesting animals there – but it’s pretty modest.

When he got home from the excursion we discussed his day using his yes/no switches.  He was completely over excited and ready for a whole lot of silly.

Here’s the upshot of what I managed to find out, that is… “the day according to Mac”  and an example of how we get to this kind of information – although I won’t subject you to the entire convo, it went on for some time.

Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story… eh Mac?


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5 responses to “a mysterious excursion

  1. Ruby McGill

    I love that Mac is able to tell his story – even if some of it indicates a superior imagination! I think how frustrated he would be without a means of communication. Well done, Mac.

  2. You’re right there – you are not the only parent who doesn’t get any useful information from their kids!!

  3. Heike Fabig

    That boy is a hoot!

  4. Such fun!

    It reminds me of my mate Paul who loved to feel the platypus at Healesville Sanctuary some 20 years ago now.

    And what a great story. You used true information and expanded on it.

    There was another animal story which was so convincing I believed an antelope really was at Melbourne Zoo!

    The tale of the antelope by Sporticas

  5. Sure does sound like quite a day out :-). Excursions are the best, even if it is cold out!

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