check your maths…

I was helping out in class the other day – I think I was helping fix a computer glitch.

The class were doing some group work and a maths equation came up where the students were required to multiply numbers ending in zero.  The teacher asked them if they knew a way to check their multiplication was correct… whether they knew the trick.

“How would you check your answer to 40 x 1,000, what’s the trick?  How do you know you have the right answer…” the teacher asked.

Lots of methods were being suggested, all sorts of options – but not really any actually ‘correct’ as such.

Then one of the kids had a brainwave, his hand shot up…

“Yes S.  What would you do?”, the teacher queried.

“Ask Mac, was S’s response.

With a chuckle the Teacher concurred, “sure Mac would probably know, but sometimes you have to work it out yourself”.  He then proceeded to teach them about adding the zeros to check their answers.

I had a little giggle to myself.  I know when Mac started school I didn’t ever think he would one day be considered the ‘voice of academic authority’ or their ‘go to guy’ for checking maths facts.

I love that they have that much confidence in his ability.

Now I just have to work on the “Ego” formally known as Mac, that isn’t terribly keen to do things when he isn’t 100% sure he knows the answer.

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