classroom friendly wireless keyboard/mouse


The Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard has a built in trackball mouse.   It comes with a USB dongle and works wirelessly from a distance of up to ten meters, it is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista (does anyone still use Vista?)

Mac’s aide this year is a Gen “Y”er and awesome when it comes to thumb typing.  This little keyboard/mouse is fantastic for maneuvering around the screen without having to be in touching distance of the computer or communication device.  We primarily use this with Mac’s Dynavox V (open device) and do have lots of macros set up in toolbars so much of the everyday stuff is just a click of an icon..

These little keyboards would also work really well for group time when you have the entire class sitting around the whiteboard.  Just because most kids can clamber up and use the interactive whiteboard doesn’t always mean the need to.

I am sure you can waste a lot of time waiting for kids to stand up, step over other kids, do their stuff and sit back down again.  Some days it might be easier and novel to hand the wireless keyboard around the group.  It’s a new level of dexterity required, it’s less disruptive on those days where you just need to keep things calm and it’s great for kids in class who may not have the physical ability to get up and access the whiteboard – or might just find standing up in front of everyone a bit too much pressure.

We got ours off eBay and so far it has got a five star rating from both Mac’s aide and myself.

(We did try a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo but found it wasn’t reliable enough with its pairing on the Dynavox.  Not sure if that was a Dynavox issue or that Keyboard’s issue.)


March 12, 2012 · 1:18 pm

4 responses to “classroom friendly wireless keyboard/mouse

  1. Adrienne

    Sadly yes – still using Vista! You’re on a roll these days. Love the eBay buying tips. Clever and a bargain hunter — do you cook?

  2. Susan, Mum to Molly

    I still use Vista!! Didn’t read the rest… 😉

  3. Gina @

    Oops, very facetious of me on the Vista jibe. Who am I to talk… I never went there, stayed ‘old school’ in XP until 7 came around. Ha ha Adrienne, yep I do cook LOL – guess that makes me a ‘triple-threat’… Downside of that is I cook & eat too well am seriously unfit – perfection is so overrated 😉

  4. Lavonda Mcfatten

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