who owns those kids over there?

Just want to tell you… they’re awesome!

I could see the corner of a piece of paper poking through the zipper on Mac’s school bag.   There’s not normally stuff in that front pocket… I reached in to see what it was.

Now, clearly… this is not Mac’s own handiwork.  I believe there has been some wonderful collaboration on this project.

What I love is the insight or inclination whoever it was had to help Mac send a “love note” home for his Mum.

Mac wouldn’t yet have the communication on his device available to him to say to someone, “hey, can you help me make this” without them needing a lot of patience to ‘hear him out’.

I just love that someone thought I’d get a kick out of that coming home – they were so right.  I get the ‘warm fuzzies’ every time I look at it.

Thank you to the parents of the ‘mystery children’ that helped Mac make this.  You are growing fine, thoughtful little citizens – keep up the great work.

What a wonderful gift.



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2 responses to “who owns those kids over there?

  1. Love, love, love this.

    All kinds of awesome.

    Well done Team Mac.

    I especially like that you don’t know who was involved…

  2. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    You’re right about not knowing. I did ask Mac’s aide T if he knew anything about it, but he didn’t have a clue – even he was pretty chuffed to hear about it. He was equally impressed they managed to put it in Mac’s bag – considering how ‘notoriously bad’ kids are at taking notes home.

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