the talented miss A

Mac and I had a flying visit (literally) to Orlando, FL last week.

Our mission… to collect a powerchair to start giving Mac some chance at experimenting with powered and independent mobility.  I will do a proper post in the coming days about our ‘fleeting expedition’.

As part of our trip we were able to catch up with and ‘old friend’ for me and ‘new friends’ for Mac.  Amanda and Annika are the daughters of my very good friend Julie.  We were fortunate to spend a wonderful 10 hours during a ‘stop over’ with them.

Annika and Mac are the same age (or should be had Mac not decided to start life 14 weeks early).  Miss A is a very talented young lady and was very busy completing an ‘artwork’ for Mac during our visit.

It is too good not to share (note: this is drawn from a picture in a book – not traced) and so I present…



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2 responses to “the talented miss A

  1. Julie O

    Oh WOW Gina! Annika is going to be so excited when she sees this! She is at Grandma and Grandpa’s today but as soon as she gets home I’m going to show her. Can’t believe it’s been a week at this very minute that I was picking you up. We miss you both!

  2. Huge trip to collect a chair!!!!! Hope it’s awesome 🙂

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