i swear…


I checked the battery of the Step by Step Communicator today.

As I pressed it to see if it was working I was thrilled to hear the last recorded message was “put some swear words on it” clearly annunciated by the voice of a nine or 10 year old boy.

So, it appears, the boys have had it out in the playground with them – I am pleased Mac is learning how to be a nine year old boy the right way.

It warms my heart to know he is being taught some inappropriate words by his peers.  And, while not ‘explicit’ in the curriculum documents I have read… I am sure it is implied. 😉

Inclusive Education… what more could you ask for!



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6 responses to “i swear…

  1. Claire

    That’s exactly what I want to hear. Fart noises are very good too!

  2. I always think we just have a different litmus test for milestones 🙂
    (found you via the Love that Max Link-up)

  3. Great story! And so cool that your son’s voice device is making the rounds of his friends. I remember the first time my son signed “stupid” in relation to a request for a family photo. And when I explained what it meant to a relative, she said: “Should he be signing that?” — as if we weren’t going to teach him words that everyone else got to learn. Also here through Love That Max!

  4. Hell yes! So long as he’s using the inappropraute words in the appropriate context I’m fully supportive!!!!

  5. Raf

    Definitely time to equip him with the words you KNOW his peers will be starting to explore (and then some if you’ve got That Kid in the mix – you know, the one asking loudly in kindy what a BJ is – by 10, That Kid will know more naughty words than most sailors and will delight in sharing them with his or her friends).

  6. ohm

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