a pep talk…

Just in case you managed to miss this the video while mooching around the ‘wide world web’ I thought I’d share.

This video certainly gets a workout at our house.  Mac loves it… and, really, what’s not to love?

It has captions so be sure to pop those on (there’s that free and fun exposure to reading I love so much).  It is funny in our house, I would be happy having captions/subtitles on all the time (I figure it is also great information for Mac) however,  Mac’s dad, Shawn, isn’t a fan of closed captions or sub-titles so they are usually on when he isn’t around and we ‘take them down when he comes home’.   Hmm, it’s really not all that exciting for a ‘dirty little secret’ is it.

Anyway… enjoy!

A big thank you to Mac’s teacher Mr B for sharing this great message with his class!
So what did you do to make the world more awesome today?


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2 responses to “a pep talk…

  1. Thankyou for sharing this, just perfect and I can’t stop laughing at Space Jam!

  2. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    LOL Bron, I know… the Space Jam reference is pure gold.

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