the “wee three” at school camp

I could see them scooting along from the other side of the playground, three boys, one pushing Mac in his wheelchair, the other running beside.  There was a look of intent on their faces, they knew where they were headed… I had no such insight.

Across the basketball court, along the path, turn, oops steady the chair, back on the path, down another level, now heading away from me.

It’s too early for lunch, I thought… why are they headed down to the dining hall?

Across the pavement, turn again, sharp right, and then…
straight into the boys toilets.BoysToiletSign

It dawned on me… you know I have never taken Mac into a boys toilet block.  I guess you don’t when a) you are female and b) they aren’t actually accessible.

I chuckled as I thought about the fact there was no hesitation that Mac went with them, the other two (or one… who can be sure) obviously needed to go, so they all went.
I never considered part of Mac having an ordinary and inclusive life would mean going with his mates “to the dunny¹ for a leak².

As they were heading back into the playground Mac’s aide & I walked up to them and said, “we might take Mac to get ready for canoeing and go to the toilet” (adult code for diaper change).

“We just went” was the response by Mac’s mates in unison…

“Did Mac go?” we asked (somewhat bemused).

“Oh, nah, he didn’t, just us” they said flippantly, “alright then” they offered as they gave Mac up to Miss M and scooted back off to where they were going.

I love that they didn’t think twice about Mac being with them, I love they presumed they’d all gone since they were all in there, and I love they weren’t even the slightest bit phased by Mac ‘not going’.  It was more a case of “nah, he didn’t get his act together to go” rather than “OMG how would that even work”.

But, more than anything, I love that by being in amongst his peers Mac learns more age appropriate boy stuff than I could ever teach him.


1. dunny: Australian slang term for any toilet/lavatory 
2. leak:  slang for urinating



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6 responses to “the “wee three” at school camp

  1. Yep, now Mac knows urinals aren’t for washing hands in

  2. The things he has learnt are amazing but not as amazing as what he has taught others x coop is already banging on about grade three camp, and that look of horror when I suggested I might tag along! Bron xx

  3. Gina @

    Bron, we only did the nights at camp. Shawn did it in Grade 3 and was meant to this time too but got too busy at work. This particular day I was just ‘changing shifts’ early with Mac’s aide as the canoeing was happening right when she had a school meeting for her own kids.

    LOL about the urinals Fiona – but we are talking 9yo boys here… do you really think washing hands is what he’s learning?

  4. That’s awesome Gina. His mates sound great. Love it.

  5. Liz (Poppy's mum)

    Love it. But really…another good reason you wouldn’t have taken Mac to a boys’ loo is c) they stink! 🙂

  6. Gina @

    haha Liz, then I am grateful to have ‘outsourced’ that task.

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