swim like you’ve never swum before …

School’s in for 2014 which means swimming carnivals are on the agenda across the district.

As per last year, I braved the pool to help Mac with his “Macstroke” races, so he could get some points for his sports house.  Together we swam the 11-year-boys breaststroke, backstroke & freestyle events…

then this happened!

Two of his mates decided they wanted to swim with him in the last race of the day and negotiated with me to resign my position on Team Mac.  With Mac now in 5th grade, I am guessing there’s a very good chance I won’t get a ‘look in’ next year, if today’s success is any indication.

There was also significant desire from Mac’s sports house Captain to include him in the relays, but with a few too many kids making themselves available we opted for the free swim at the end of the day. After all, he’d already competed in every other event possible.

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful sight to watch Mac and his two mates compete as a team.

Who’d want it any other way?



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7 responses to “swim like you’ve never swum before …

  1. Shari Raymond

    That was awesome to watch. Well done to you, to Mac and to his mates. Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside now! 🙂

  2. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    Thanks Shari… yep, me too.

  3. Gina, thankyou for sharing I have missed my Mac updates! Mac is lucky to have those mates but those mates are even luckier knowing your boy xxxx

  4. Gina @ https://inkyed.wordpress.com

    Oops, Sorry Bron. Won’t be gone so long from now. xx

  5. vicky

    Gina – it made me cry with happiness, What a great bunch of friends Mac has – who have been lucky enough to see you and Shawn in action and thus totally accept Mac as their peer, and want to be a part of his life – you have such a fun spirit it is infectious.

  6. Anita

    just wonderful Gina xxx

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