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of course it’s not perfect

While Mac is having a lovely time at school it is disappointing to see the NSW DET as the ‘weak link’ letting their schools down.  Sure the accessible toilet has been built but the change table and hoist were not installed and there is some other problem (I think, haven’t asked) relating to powerpoints near water outlets.

Honestly, DET need to be better at this.  There is no excuse for the equipment not being ready and there is certainly no excuse for buildings not being ‘fitted out’ in accordance with Australian Safety Standards.

 If Mac was a larger child and we hadn’t made alternative arrangements – he would have been excluded from school – and I probably wouldn’t be ‘so understanding’ about it.

That being said… if anyone from DET is reading and wants us to review the forms/submissions completed on our school’s behalf for the required change facilities to see if there is any feedback or suggestions we can provide to ensure the next child has safe, timely and appropriate access at school… then we are happy to do so.

On the outside the toilet block is great, ramping is good, facility matches the rest of the buildings in its block.  I am not 100% sure why the bollards are so close together (can’t fit the chair through) but assume it is to stop the potential of a ‘runaway chair’ – there is an alternate route to the classroom/changeroom that doesn’t add too much time – but it isn’t a direct route.


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