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The class buddies arrived in the form of very enthusiastic sixth graders.  Mac got to meet his buddy, Ryan. He has met Ryan a couple of times as he is my cousin’s son – but hasn’t had a lot to do with him.

It was nice to hear Ryan had actually requested to be Mac’s buddy and was proudly declaring to everyone that “Mac is my cousin”.  

During the playground break when Ryan was busy pushing Mac around the grounds in his chair and trying to ensure not too large a group was alongside I could hear him declare… “I can manage on my own you know, he doesn’t need a crowd staring at him”.  Oh well, the novelty will wear off, most of the kids just have lots of questions and are excited about Mac’s arrival – they have been expecting him.

As Ryan and Mac were wandering past one class I heard a boy of about 10 proclaim Mac is Awesome” to his mate, who responded yeah, he is so cool”.   Another contributed… and his wheels are MAD”.  

As a parent it made me smile.  We all want our kids to be liked, to fit in, to be accepted.  With a child with profound disabilities heading into a mainstream environment it has been hard to guage what the response could be.

Guess I can’t complain – I think he’s “awesome” too.

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