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chucking a real sickie…


Mac ‘chucked a sickie’ last week, thing is he really was sick.

In fact, he was probably sicker the day before and I would normally have given him the day off… only we had appointments with both Vision Support and Speech.

I never normally do therapy appointments at school – I don’t believe that is the place for them.  They create an imbalance in the adult to child ratio and they are, let’s face it, a little bit weird.  To me therapy (speech/OT/other)  is an extra-curricular activity, like learning to swim, soccer training, homework clubs… I try to leave them for school holidays or after school hours.

But this day we had a the opportunity for our speech therapist to be joined by her manager so I figured it was worth breaking with tradition just this once.

Besides, we are really keen to explore social communication opportunities at school so it was the right time to ‘bring some people in’.

Unfortunately, no-one showed.  They did call and let us know during the day but I wish I had just kept Mac home.

He stayed home the next day and ‘laid low’ over the weekend seeming fine to return to school on Monday.  And he did, not acting sick – a little tired maybe, but that’s all.

But I was chatting to him today (one week on) just to see if there was any problem at school – as I don’t think he has been working all that well.

It went something like this:

ME:   Are things OK at school?

ME:  Do you think you are working well enough for your teacher, Mr B?
MAC:   No

ME:   Oh, have you got a problem – you know… a little bit of a problem, a matter, or something up?

ME: Are you still a little bit sick?

ME: You’re not completely better then?

ME: Is that making it hard to work at school?

ME: Do you think you could type where or how you feel sick for me (on the Dynavox)?

And so we switched input methods to auditory scanning.

MAC: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  a-c-h-e-s

Oops… poor little guy has probably been battling along with the flu or at least ‘flu-ish’ illness all week.

ME: Do you think you are on the mend, are you feeling any better than last week?
MAC: Yes

ME: Are you sick enough to go to the Doctor?

ME: Are you well enough to go to school tomorrow?  (bearing in mind he has had a really good, vibrant, engaged day today)
MAC: Yes

So I wondered more about the everything aches comment and decided to see if he could pinpoint where he aches.  I know, I know… he said “everything”, but, I’m a Mum – it’s my job to press for more info 😉

ME: Does your face hurt (thinking sinus pain)
MAC: yes

ME: Do your teeth hurt

ME: Does your head hurt
MAC: Yes

ME: Do your ears hurt

ME: Does your chest or lungs hurt
MAC: Yes

ME: Does your tummy hurt

ME: Does your butt hurt
MAC: No (why do boys always smirk at the word ‘butt’)

ME: Do your toes hurt
MAC: Yes

ME: Do your ankles hurt
MAC: Yes

ME: Do your knees hurt

ME: Do your bones hurt
MAC: Yes

ME: Does your bone marrow hurt (we discussed the smooshy stuff inside your bones LOL)
MAC: Yes

I don’t know about you, but to me that is a pretty good description of how you feel when you are a little bit fluey.  But clearly – Mother of the Year, I am not.

He has been much better today & yesterday so I think he is definitely on the mend – I hope so for his sake.  It will be nice for everyone to have him a little more engaged in the last couple of weeks of term.


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