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“Disabled pupils” unable to get to school…

In the news…


The fact this occurred is a disgrace… but I can’t help wondering if the real problem truly is the ‘bungling by the Govt’ or our society’s insistence on bussing kids with disabilities en masse out of their “natural habitat” in a segregated fashion and in most instances to a segregated setting.

Imagine if kids just went to school with their siblings, with their neighbours… if they caught the same (accessible) bus as all the other kids without disabilities. This has affected those kids with disabilities because they have been allowed to be separated away from the rest of us. *sigh*

Oh… for the record… I have yet to read or see a news broadcast item on this topic where ‘people first’ language has been used *blech*.   I wonder if they want me to send them Shawn’s 65,000 words on how they could represent people with disabilities better?


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