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Mac is test-driving a desktop magnifier at school at the moment.  It will be really interesting to try and ascertain just what information he may be able to take in visually and how he finds it.

On his first ‘product review’ he claimed it “makes reading easier to see”.   I know… it’s a confusing little muddle of verbs and nouns he used there.  But it is an improvement, this time last year when he didn’t even acknowledge he could actually “see” – he accepted he could ‘look at stuff’ and ‘know what it was’ but not “see”.   Our 12 month propaganda campaign to convince him he actually can ‘see’ has paid off a little.


On his first day using it he was able to copy down three words and type them back in morse code with just one error.

The myReader2 is a big bit of equipment – not the most ‘inclusive’ bit of kit.  Nevertheless it will be great to see just how much benefit it might bring and whether that outweighs the sense of ‘extraction’ Mac might feel when using it.   Used smartly for Mac and other students it could be quite an ‘inclusive technology’ it would take some rethinking and restructuring, but could work.   My main reservation about it is the need to be ‘tied to a desk’ with it and I guess I would like to rule out trying to ‘make do’ with something like the iPad or other methods to achieve similar outcomes before I was prepared to commit to it.

I am not convinced Mac needs the magnification so much, but rather needs the visual information to be in a more suitable location.

I’ll keep you updated on how we find it.

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