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fridge magnet friday

There’s been times in the last nine years I have found myself frustrated by the lack of progress towards a truly inclusive society.  I found myself wondering how, after students started being included some 50+ years ago, it still seems like some ‘crazy, new age ideal’ to many families, educators and service providers.

How can it be that social change doesn’t appear to be permanent I pondered.  Why does one student make it through the gates for an inclusive life… only to see those gates close quickly behind.

Then I saw this comment via Twitter… and it all became a little clearer.


The notion of a relay makes perfect sense.  The baton has been passed by the true trailblazers of 50+ years ago to our generation.  We get to choose what we wish to add to our communities.  We decide if we want people with disabilities to live in a disempowering charity based society model… or a truly inclusive society where everyone is valued.

I am now more comfortable with the notion that perhaps my role won’t be done any time soon… but I am confident we owe much to those who fought for social justice in the 1950s up until now, our fights have been easier, acceptance is quicker… we are in OK shape, we will get there.


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