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purée with panache

TrafficLightLunchMany school canteens have adopted a traffic light classification system in which foods are categorised as greenamber and red according to their nutritional value.

We have our own traffic light system.  Mac takes Traffic Light Lunch (the puréed variety).

I made the rubber holder out of a left over foam rubber tile and simply shaped it with a blade to allow for three plastic containers to be inserted.

Today’s picture shows containers of strawberry, banana and avocado mash.  Sometimes it is a combo of vegetables like roast beet/tomato, sweet potato/carrot and peas/broccoli.

To ensure the foods [that turn brown] don’t oxidize I usually put a thin film of olive oil or lemon juice on the banana and avocado oil or lemon/lime juice on the avocado to keep them looking their best.

These lunches are usually met with enthusiasm by the other kids, which seems to have a flow on effect to Mac and the person responsible for feeding.  Rarely they come home uneaten.

I plan to make a ‘paint palette’ version out of cork and add a fourth container – at least then I wont be tied to the red/yellow/green combo.

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