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more MyReader…

The myReader2 is getting a decent workout by Mac’s aide Ms M.

She has declared her “love” for it after just two days…

Things she likes doing:

  • scanning a few pages of the reader for Mac and his reading group so he can read along or everyone can see it on the screen;
  • set the text from the book onto a suitably timed scrolling speed;
  • putting Mac’s spelling words on the screen and having him copy them down using morse code NOT telling him what the word is (I think he only typed 4 words less than his peers wrote);
  • scanning the ‘editing’ paragraph and have Mac tell her what letters/items need to be changed;
  • using it in ‘live view’ and putting real items (counters/toys/dice) on the base and using them to ask questions on arrays etc;
  • scanning the maths worksheets and seeing just what he can answer with very limited, or at times, no instruction.
Sample of Mac’s work using the myREADER 

Of course I am always going to have reservations about an expensive bit of equipment that is big, bulky and only available to use during school hours.

I would hate for it to just sit there not being used effectively.  So… if it is decided the benefits outweigh the few reservations I might have then I might try and ‘cut a deal’ for a brainstorming session on how many ideas we can come up with to use it as an inclusive tool for the entire class.  That way we could make up a cheat sheet with ideas on it that could be attached to it and I would feel so much better… it really is the little things.

Have you got any ideas for activities or how it should be positioned/located in the classroom?

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