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Mac has finally been assigned his new class and teacher for this year.  He has moved into a composite 1-2 class with Mrs R as his teacher.  Only four other children from his Kindy class came with him so there will be lots of new children to meet and for them to get to know him.  I think there will be four VERY IMPORTANT individuals showing off just how much they know about Mac, wheelchairs, iPhones, remote control pencil holders,  switches and the like.

One of Mac’s very good friends (and strongest advocates), Grace, did not end up in the same class as Mac which I was initially a little disappointed about.  I saw Grace as I was collecting Mac and she told me she was in a different class – she wasn’t worried “I’m just next door – it’s only one wall”, so I guess I’m not worried either… after all, “it’s only one wall”.  I love the logic of six year olds.

In fact the nice thing is the couple of boys from his class are a really good combo for him.  One has the potential, at times, to get him into strife and the other errs on the side of caution – both are great kids who get on very well with Mac and with each other.

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