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Our first News Day has been successfully completed.

We gave Mac a choice on what he wanted to tell for ‘news’ (show & tell).  We gave him three choices

  1. Tell about his trip to Sydney for ABR (his physical therapy)
  2. Talk about Wombat Poo
  3. Tell his knock-knock jokes on his ‘step communicator’

You guessed it… he chose #2 – Wombat Poo.  Three times we gave him the three options, three times he grinned, smirked or gave the ‘evil glint’ at Wombat Poo.

So here it is.

We recorded it onto his ‘Big Step’ communicator after altering the voice in Audacity.

It’s not perfect – but it is better than the audio sounding like a grown up speaking.

Here’s the pdf of his news.

The kids were most impressed about Mac’s news – it seems there is a significant amount of “poo kudos”.

Wombat Scat – the news and views of a Kindergarten Kid.


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