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It’s funny how things you think are obvious and straight forward are not.  

We had an instance where one of Mac’s very good friends (in the year above him) went home from school in tears because she had been sent away from Mac because she didn’t introduce herself to him.  She has known him for nearly four years and they have an amazing relationship.  She speaks to him in a volume you can hardly hear – holding his hand the whole time, he responds with gurgles and glaars just meant for her ears.  It is a devine relationship… magical almost.

So we were disheartened to hear of her plight.  It wasn’t Mac’s main aide – she absolutely ‘gets it’ about communication, manners and respect.

So we put together a ‘crib sheet’ just as a reminder.

I am not sure how it has been received – it is fairly direct, but hopefully educational at the same time.   We didn’t want to single out the aide in question – let’s face it the problem is primarily based around seeing “ideals” as rules.  We felt we needed to ‘nip it in the bud’ and not let it get away on us.  

From our perspective there is too much at stake to not take it seriously.

Any comments most welcome.

Communication IDEALS & I-DON’TS


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