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another award

Today’s school assembly saw Mac the recipient of his latest Merit Award.

The assembly was in our new hall and his teacher was handing out the awards for the junior school.  It was a great day for Mac.

Mac’s mate Jack wheeled him up the new ramp onto the stage to receive his award for “Excellent Computer and Maths work”.

His teacher actually took some time to explain to the whole school how Mac is in her class and how well he has been doing with his maths.

She added “Mac has also been doing some excellent work with his spelling” and went on explaining how Mac uses his feet to type in morse code on his computer.  She also told the entire audience about this week’s big spelling test and gave an example of one of the later words in the test he has spelled correctly… C-A-T-A-L-O-G-U-E (and how impressed she was).

Mac is most of the way through the South Australian Spelling Test which has been broken down over a number of days due to fatigue on his part.  I think in that test you keep going until you get 10 in a row incorrect…  amazingly he is still going and is up to word 50+.  He has missed a few words like efficient (Mac went with a “shent” ending) and furniture (a simple “tr” ending thwarted him on that one) but seemed to know about the g-u-e ending on catalogue… go figure).

It was wonderful for Mac to get that kind of public acknowledgment of his hard work.  It was completely natural, wasn’t contrived – it was wonderful to watch.

Well done Macco – not bad spelling for a seven year old.



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