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can Stephen Hawking spell ‘catalogue’?

School assembly had finished, I was waiting for the bell to ring – but had that funny feeling I was being watched.

I saw her out of the corner of my eye – she seemed to be waiting.  “Does she want me” I wondered.  I didn’t recognise her but made eye contact all the same… just in case.

She quietly approached, her face looking very serious and spoke to me, almost whispering…  “Hello, I’m Caitlyn M.  My sister Maddy went to pre-school with Mac – I saw Mac graduate pre-school”.

It worked out the relationship and who this young girl was.  “Oh yes, I knew Maddy” I told her, “she’s a year younger, right?” Cailtyn nodded.

“Well, I think that Mac might grow up to be a scientist.” she added (still very sincere)

“Because, well, there’s a very smart man who is in a wheelchair and uses a computer and he is a very, very good scientist.  I think Mac might be going to be like him because ‘catalogue’ is a very, very, very hard word to spell.

“You might be right” I concurred “who knows what the future holds”.

Look out Stephen… Caitlin thinks you might have a rival in the making – better hone your spelling bee skills.



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