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how does he do it…

A long time follower of this blog, Adelaide, recently asked how Mac currently checks/proofreads/edits during dictation in class?

Currently he still uses the MORSEspell Excel spreadsheet program I made for him.

This relies on him completing the first letter, then his Aide hitts the [TAB] key to allow him to move on to the next letter.

Mac tends to have a fairly obvious facial expression as well as a slight dropping back of his head to indicate he is finished a letter so his Communication Partner knows to hit the [TAB] and move on.  He also has a fast kick he tends to do when he wants to start over on a letter.

It is far from ideal – it relies heavily on him having a Comm. Partner who is familiar with working with him and able to read his non-verbal cues.  He finds it pretty frustrating working with people who aren’t as ‘tuned in’.

The TANDEMmaster will start to remove some of the ‘guesswork’.

We will need to work out which text to speech software to use with basic word processing packages so he can listen back to what he types and from there he should be able to start learning some of the editing/proofreading (proof-listening?) skills he will need.

We have talked about whether a third switch to act as a “space” to show the end of the letter is viable – Mac has said a number of times that “NO” he doesn’t think he can do that.

The TANDEMmaster will literally act as a keyboard so Mac can eventually learn all the different punctuation options.

We intentially didn’t teach Mac his Morse Code numbers as I believe on the TANDEMmaster you can choose to be on NumLock and then have much shorter character sets for the numbers.  Normally in Morse Code each number is five (5) characters long so the NumLock option will make it much faster.

We have a review meeting with his teacher next week.  One of the things I need to make sure we do is allow Mac the option of changing  his answers.  We don’t do it very often as he does pretty well, for example he did some Maths the other day and got 19/20 as his score.  As time goes on he probably needs to be given the time and chance for reviewing his work.

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