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anyone for tea?

What a lovely afternoon we had.

R (Mac’s former aide) arrived at school to meet him so she could come home to our house for afternoon tea.

Mac was happy, giggling and very excited.

He liked showing her his room (very cool with his three almost black walls), his fantastic huge painting of his penguins and letting her meet Henny, Penny and Re-cal (our three chooks).

He showed her how he is using his Dynavox for more writing these days.

R asked him what he liked about using predictive text – Mac’s response… “I like really big words”.

He then agreed his two favourite ‘phrase prediction options’ are “emphatically disagree” (no surprise there) and the rather odd “my incessant need to whine about money”.

I asked if he had managed to get the latter into any journal writing in class yet, he gave me a silly grin and answered NO.

I am looking forward to seeing if and how he manages to slip it in before the year is out.

I hope he now knows R is serious about being a part of his life away from school.  I know he is still a little sad about not working with her most days but now he has something even better… she has been to visit him at his house and he will likely visit her house soon too.

He has a good friend in R indeed.


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