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smart money

In class Mac has been learning about money, how to calculate amounts using different coin denominations.

We created a set on the Macaw to help him get to his totals, tell us if he is planning on adding more coins and also to let us know when he is finished.

It didn’t take long for Mac to well and truly had the hang of it – literally one explanation and one run through modeling it to him – then he was sorted.

In class Mac used his Macaw while the other kids used the SMARTboard.

When called on by the teacher for his suggestion on what coins he might use to make up the amount of $1 Mac gave an insightful response.

With a very sly grin for his teacher, Mrs R, Mac chose “one dollar” & “that’s all” which he followed with a giggle.

Mrs R explained to me when I collected him that afternoon that she “chastised him for being a ‘smart aleck’ ”.  She was laughing to me about the incident because, for her, it was nice to see a bit of ‘naughty coming out’.  She figured #1 he was being “smart” with his answer… it was as clear as day in his face and #2 it is quite good for him to get in trouble in front of the other kids – just as they do.  I added #3,  there is kudos in getting into trouble at school.

So all in all, Mac earned a bit of ‘respect’ for all the wrong reasons but gave his teacher a little chuckle along the way.

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