fridge magnet friday…

I often hear parents of children with disabilities voice concern over people staring at their kids… but is the alternative better?

Louis Lim’s powerful observation makes me absolutely sure I will continue to embrace any prolonged gazes cast towards Mac.   I don’t ever want him to be invisible to his community, invisible to our society or to be “eliminated from our consciousness”.

So I guess I offer a word of caution to those who have difficulty accepting the ‘stare’. “Be careful what you wish for”, there might just be way more at stake if a stare, a sidewards glance, a gawk  or an outright ‘gape’ is eliminated – invisibility is a poor alternative.

Check under the fridge for more information on Louis Lim…

image of a fridge door with a stylised note pad (red) speech bubble shape with the quote "Growing up with a
belief that it was rude to stare at people 
with a disability or impairment meant that I gradually eliminated their presence from my consciousness" Louis Lim

Icon with text: Check out more of Louis Lim’s stuff  by visiting his website.  CLICK THIS ICON TO VISIT or if you are in Queensland Lim’s “Strangely Familiar” exhibit is on at the Brisbane Powerhouse until 15 Sept 2013 free entry!


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7 responses to “fridge magnet friday…

  1. vicky

    Good point Gina. I remember a day when Angela and I were at Singapore zoo with both our disabled kids and we were attracting a lot of stares – Angela suggested that we should put out a donation tin like the zoo keepers were doing at the elephant, monkey and bird enclosures – maybe we could earn a few $ and put on a bit of a show – LOL ! Always best to have a sense of humour in these situations.

  2. Donna Genzlinger

    You can answer a stare with an information card. We have them made up at Staples, or a lot of organizations/non profits, etc, make them for different disabilities. We use a small picture, a few lines about my girl, a short description of the disability, and websites where there is more information. Just on a business card.

  3. Gina @

    Donna great idea. We were just talking about that concept last night so it is great to hear someone using that option and that it is a positive. Cheers

  4. stefanie

    it rude to stare period weather you have a disability or not i bet the person that made this saying dosnt have one .i have autism but i no my friends with phycal disabily do not like being stare at nor do litte people .if someone is curious an want to ask a qustion that one thing but when someone is looking at you like u have 16 heads or something witch i have had eathir when alone or with a froiend who is deaf it really make me mad .i rather be ingore or ask a qustion then stared at

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