Click the image to head to my husband’s blog to see the latest word from Kurt Fearnley on the NDIS in Australia.

screen grab of the Disability Media Matters blog page featuring Kurt Fearnley's video of the Every Australian Counts, NDIS campaign.

Shawn’s new blog, Disability and Media Matters, discusses and highlights the representation of people with disability in the Australian news media, and, importantly, showcases the reaction and perception of people with disability to that representation.

It highlights stories that feature people with disability, and the issues that impact their lives, and their families.

He’s a pretty impressive character, my husband, I think you’ll enjoy his blog.


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2 responses to “word!

  1. vicky

    He is damn impressive – the only male I have ever seen who could mind 3 severely disabled children and a 4 week old whilst drinking beer and watching TV and have it all totally under control ! I will never forget that day – it was highly impressive.

  2. Dis is a very good finding by the committee of nuhu ribadu but I doubt much if the federal govt wil implement the reieomndatcon made by the committee because many of the govt’s kitchen cabinet wil be affected.

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