wheels for every occasion

Today was the annual Book Fair at school.  The theme of the day was ‘safari’ and everyone was encouraged to dress up.  And so they did, there were lions and tigers and bears [oh my]!

Our new wheel covers in honour of the day…

More Wheels

Cute jungle animals running round one wheel and, on the other,
a fearsome tiger claw bursting through…
Mac was ‘fitted out’ in full khaki, pith helmet and the obligatory crocodile strung across the ‘bow’ of his wheelchair as a handy footrest.

He came home with a ‘haul’ of four new books courstesy of Mum’s credit card.  If only the publishers (all publishers) would make picture books available in TRUE eBook format so he could access them himself (ie with picture and text support, an option for adding your own audio and the ability to use ‘switch’ or ‘touchscreen’ technology to access them).


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4 responses to “wheels for every occasion

  1. n0thingbuteverything

    Love the wheel covers! They look great ;-).

    I also hope the book technology catches up soon.

  2. wow Cooper thinks they look “wicked” !!!

  3. Now those are some pimped wheel covers! Loving the art work!

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